Tax Deductions for Homeowners

For many people buying a home – whether it’s a fixer-upper in an up and coming neighborhood or that custom home you’ve always dreamed of – is a milestone event. While there is often a steep learning curve associated with … Read More

Roth IRAs for Minors

With plentiful opportunities for teen employment this year, now is the perfect time to consider opening a Roth IRA for your minor child. Here’s what you need to know. What is a Roth IRA? A Roth IRA is a type … Read More

Business-related Travel Deductions

Business travel deductions are available when employees travel away from their tax home or principal place of work for business reasons. With inflation on the rise, business travel is more costly than ever. Hotel bills, airfare or train tickets, cab … Read More

6 Summertime Tax Tips

Taxes are probably not what comes to mind when thinking about Summer, but you may be surprised at some of the ways you can reduce your 2022 income taxes.  Consider these summertime strategies: 1.) Tax-free rental income If you rent … Read More

Use These Strategies To Pass on Wealth to Heirs

Individuals with significant assets should take advantage of proven tax strategies such as gifting and direct payments to educational institutions to transfer wealth to heirs tax-free and minimize estate taxes. Rising inflation, a volatile stock market, and relatively low interest … Read More

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