5 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Congratulations, you now own your own business. Now, you need to prove yourself in the role, which means staying motivated and on-task. This can be hard for a new entrepreneur. Here are some quick tips to ensure you’re a doer, not a procrastinator while working on your new adventure.


1. Make a To-Do List

When tasks start stacking up, prioritize them with a to-do list. You might want to write the list out twice; first as a stream of consciousness and then organize them in order of importance. Free programs such as Google Keep or Evernote are a great way to manage and keep track of your to-do list.


2. Get Inspired

Surround yourself with inspirational quotes, people and ideas. Sign up to relevant networking groups and newsletters so that you absorb ‘inspiration’ every day. Use this to inspire others around you. For long-term work motivation, outline your one, five and 10-year career goals and keep the list close by. This will serve as a reminder of why you’re doing what you are doing and what you want to achieve.


3. Clear Your Mind

No one can concentrate for hours on end without a break. In fact, research shows the average human attention span is eight seconds – one second less than a goldfish. To remain focused when working from home, take a moment to stand up, do a few stretches or walk outside in the fresh air. Regular screen breaks are also vital for productivity and will re-energize you.


4. De-clutter Your Space

A cluttered desk and working environment can be a symptom of a disorganized mind and can severely demotivate you. Regularly spring clean your desk; file or recycle paper, throw away rubbish and streamline your desk’s organization.


5. Focus on Your Goal

Regardless of the task you’re working on, you should have a clear sense of what success or achievement of that goal looks like. Plan how you will get there and work diligently until you do… while understanding the need for flexibility and agility along the way. If you are a visual person, create a vision board (either at work, at home or on your smartphone or tablet), which includes your work and personal goals, so you can see where you’ll be traveling on your next vacation or the next reward you’ll receive when you reach that milestone – it will help you remember why you are there.